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Viandes en Gros Metropolitain

 Viandes En Gros Metropolitain is your source for halal chicken,
beef and other fine meats in the Quebec region.

Meat Wholesale

Viandes En Gros  Metropolitan is a distributor of meat  products across Canada, but especially in the Greater Montreal Area and Ottawa.
Our clients include restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets,  butcheries, nursing homes and correctional institutions.

We have been serving Montreal since 1995 and have developed a 100% halal product (beef, chicken, turkey, quail, lamb and veal). We also offer transformed products like pepperoni, bologna, hot dogs, smoked meat, smoked chicken breasts, salami, mortadella, beef bacon, etc … All our transformed products contain only Halal ingredients.

We have been in the market since 1995. Our clients include grocery stores, restaurants, butchers, hospitals and even correctional institutions. Our products are 100% Halal .


Meat Metropolitaian is a distributor and processor of many types of meats including beef, chicken, Quail, Turkey. Our products range includes Hamburgers, Cold cuts and prepared meat ready for use.


7922 19e Avenue,
Montréal, Québéc
H1Z 3S3

Phone: +1 (514) 729-8486
Email: info@viandesmetropolitain.com